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Plus, all our product comes in (KD) (AD) logs,semi process and processed and it comes in good quality


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We supply all your needs in Woods of all kinds and shape / Tropical Fish, all our products come from Africa, Nigeria mostly, our head office is located in italy.


Hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years.  The heartwood is durable, workable and resistant to termites.

Underwater Tropical fish

small, brightly colored fish that lives in warm water in tropical area


Translated from the English-Milicia excelsa is a species of tree of the genus Milicia of the family of the Moraceae. It is one of two species that produce timber commonly known as African teak.

What we do

Why choose us

The founder is from Africa,Nigeria and he came from a reputable family that deal with woods for more than 50yrs, we have our team all round Nigeria making sure the best of Timbers is produce and delivered on time, plus we work with a reputable transport system and shipping agency which enable our goods set sail with no delay. our service comes in FOB and CIF. we are fully licensed in italy for operation and work with the italian transport for quick and effective delivery.

Honest and dependable

Our mission is to get to serve each and everyone of our clients as intimately as possible in an effort to match them with the product of their choice and to meet their needs. Each Client we form a relationship with is as unique as a fingerprint.

We are always improving

Our mission is to be better every day and this means we ask difficult questions to solve our problems and achieve the improvement we seek.We aim to be honest and open. And to be the best distributor company of Africa Hardwood across the world.

Our clients


Our work as gone beyond what you could ever think of. We have put smiles into people’s face due to the way we handle our customer’s. Bellow are testimonies from our customer’s.

Good company with a fast delivery, and i love the way they handle their customer’s.


CEO, Cooler

La migliore compagnia da una fonte affidabile, li consiglio a qualsiasi rivenditore di acquari è là fuori.


CEO, M & T

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To be successful, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals.

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